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From the Visual Research Dept.:

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A few of the picture postcards that hang over my desk to aid me in my daily struggle with their inspirational and entertaining qualities, come from Martin Bronsema’s “Vorsicht Schussaffen” series.

Martin is an old pal of mine from Hamburg and his working method is quite interesting from a photography standpoint. He picks very small movie stills from German tv-guide magazines and crops them with masking tape, then looking through a loupe they become the basis for his paintings. This leads to an imagery of gestures that is distilled to an archetype.

The paintings are acrylic on American newspapers glued on canvas. Fragments of newsprint are shining through the paint and give the images their titles.

The name of the series is a nice bit of wordplay since the German word for guns is “Schusswaffen”, by dropping the “w” the meaning is changed to “Beware, Shooting Monkeys”.

Obviously Martin Bronsema is a peaceful man and his treatment of pop culture “Hero” images has a pretty subversive bend.

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