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Since I have started a second career as a Semi-Professional-Childcare-Amateur, my career as a Semi-Professional-Blog-Artist has really slowed down as many of my four readers can attest, but I decided to neglect my child now to post the invite to Karine Laval’s new show at the Bonnie Benrubi gallery. I did a very interesting interview with Karine several months ago, that is very, very slowly getting transcribed and is going to make it onto The Heavy Light one of these months. In the meantime, check out her show, it’s gonna be well worth it.

Karine Laval: Altered States
April 18 – May 24, 2013
Opening reception April 18, 6 – 8PM
Bonni Benrubi Gallery
41 East 57th Street 13th Floor

For her 4th solo exhibition at Bonni Benrubi Gallery, the Brooklyn-based French artist Karine Laval will present a selection of new photographs as well as a video installation that marks the gallery’s first foray into moving images. The title of the exhibition references different states of transformation such as physical transformation and distortion, altered states of consciousness and perception, mythological metamorphosis, but it also evinces the transformative power of the camera. Laval continues to explore the vagaries of subjective perception and challenges the way we see by combining performance and the mechanics of photography itself (light, perspective, chemistry and optics). She tests the limits of the photographic medium by using water as a distorting lens and choosing a stark color palette – the result of her signature chemical processing of the film – to generate images that oscillate between representation and abstraction and blur the boundary between photography and painting.

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