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If you’ve been following this here blog, you might have noticed that I’ve been writing semi-compulsively about soccer, and since I can’t come up with a good reason to stop, I want to deliver two additions to recent posts.

© James Kendi

#1: The Grand Street Wanderers finally managed to overcome their playoff choking habit and win the semi-final and final in two thrilling games in one afternoon. Of course you might remember some of these blue clad handsome devils from the Chinatown Ballers project.

We had Chris stonewalling the opposition despite playing with a broken thumb,…

…Tomas organizing the defense by the sheer power of his mighty beard,…

…Matt driving the non-paying fans insane with a sensational header goal,…

…and Gus working his Brazilian magic despite his style being seriously cramped by cramps.

And even though the cup was small and of golden plastic, it sure felt sweet.

#2: This one is concerning the recent F.C. Williamsburg post. While putting the pics together for that post I was desperately looking for an image by Volker Hinz that I’ve seen years ago in a book, but that I could not find in the netting of the inter for the life of me. In a weird piece of serendipity Stern republished it on it’s website this week, and so here it is: Two great football icons chatting in the showers, with shampoo in their hair, and with full view of the Kaiser’s buns and Pele’s ronaldinho. Holy Moly.

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Oh Boy!

For quite some time now (when looking at my better half) I had a sneaking suspicion that my life was about to change. And guess what? I was right. Nine seconds into Valentine’s day Ray Anschütz was born.

Even though he still needs a hand to maintain proper posing posture, he’s definitely our best child so far as well as our first born. Of course my judgment might be slightly impaired because what he’s doing in this picture, he’s not doing at night.

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